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Welcome to LeadsClue.com

Welcome to LeadsClue.com, online marketplace for LEADS.It provide earning potential for posting requirements,leads and data.This portal provides a platform for LEAD SHARING and LEAD BARTER, among the Sales Professionals. It makes Freelancing Sales possible.Also, it support B2B lead generation and management.

It helps lead generation companies to trade leads with sales professionals

Choosing right vendor for requirement is always tough. Advantage of LeadsClue is only serious and qualified vendors reach to you because they go through a paid process. Also you can get paid up to Rs. 2500/- for choosing a vendor approached from LeadsClue.Maximum of 5 vendors can approach for your requirement.Your money will be transferred either in PayTM or PayUMoney wallet.

Many times sales professionals have extra/Unwanted leads which is either not useful or out of their domain.
This portal is to track this type of lead where sales professional can buy or sell LEADS on their own cost. LeadsClue verify these LEADS on call from sales professional and on successful verification Rs.100/- get added to Lead cost. Maximum Lead cost can be Rs. 400/- and maximum of 5 vendors can contact sales professional for Lead contact.

LeadsClue also buy leads from sales professionals.If you have any unwanted/Extra leads then just post it on LeadsClue and support team will reach to you and take all details. In this case Lead Cost will be decided by LeadsClue.On successful verification lead will be displayed on website for sell and on succussful sell, lead incentive will be transffered in your pereffered wallet.In this case all vendor communication will be done by LeadsClue suport team.

If you have Data of any specific domain, you can sell it on LeadsClue. Choose post type as "Data" while posting and mention the data cost. Be specific about cost whether it is per record cost of whole Data cost

Buy verified and genuine leads on this portal and save huge effort.Leads listed on LeadsClue is gone under verification process. Generating leads is always tough process for any company now buy leads online. Read terms and condition for more details

How to EARN?

How to earn from Unwanted Leads?

  • You have an unwanted/extra Lead?
  • Post it on LeadsClue.com for FREE
  • Choose "Yes" in "Sell to LeadsClue" for easy processing
  • Write your expected Lead Cost
  • Write to support team at support@leadsClue.com for more details

How to earn from Requirements?

  • You have Requirement?
  • Post it on LeadsClue.com for FREE
  • Recieve call from support team and get it verified
  • Choose the best and cost effective vendor(Max 5 will approach)
  • Claim your money from the link sent from LeadsClue
  • Get Paid up to Rs. 2500/- !!!

How to earn from Services?

  • You provice any Service?
  • Post it on LeadsClue.com for FREE
  • Get calls/Emails from interested companies who want your services
  • Talk to them and Seal the Deal!!

How to earn From Data?

  • You have a database?
  • Post it on LeadsClue.com for FREE
  • Get calls/Emails from interested vendors/Client
  • Talk to them and sell you data

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